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Calypso Design Consultants are 3D Designers specialising in 3D images, renderings, and floor planning, working for both the residential and commercial market and our main objective is to rethink, redesign and restructure the environment around you. With our design solutions is the ability to combine all entities in order to create something new, we take the 2D information to create 3D visualisation, bringing it right through to the final design. We also provide the best quality 3D rendering images, which allows you to view the completed design in the closest detail including the finishes, seeing everything as if in real-time from your room size, colour schemes, lighting, furniture, and accessories.


Calypso Design Consultants have worked on both large and small projects, working with many homeowners and commercial clients, this includes working on several projects with Event Management Companies from the event plan, right through to the event in real-time completed with a walkthrough, enabling them to see the event before the staging begins. We can create from Architects 2D plans a complete 3D layout with a walk-through from room to room.

We offer all of our services online and with our virtual service, this is ideal if you have a very busy life which will allow you to get a professional and personalised design service without ever having to leave your home or workplace. A perfect solution for those who want to get in the mindset of creating their space, but lack the clear vision of where to start, that’s where we come in and help you with the ideas and plans to execute an excellent design choice from wherever you are, complimenting your ideas, lifestyle, and budget.

Let us bring your visualisation to life within budget and on time

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Business Hours: Monday to Friday  9.00am to 17.00pm