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We will enhance the interior of any building or the exterior space to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment for our clients using this space. We will meet either virtually or on-site to discuss what your needs are and what you would like to foresee the visual aspects of your project to be. We will plan, research, coordinate with you with site inspections, and finally the execution of the design, we will be with you throughout the whole design procedure.

With our Interior Design Services whether you want a Contemporary, Traditional or a Modern look, we are experienced in all types of interior design services for both the residential and the commercial markets, with creating the look that works for you. We can start from afresh or work with your existing furniture and accessories or even mixing the old with the new, we can also give you advice on up-cycling your favourite existing pieces.

If you have New Builds, Renovations and Commercial Spaces that may just need a new fresh updated look or a completely new layout that may need some small structural changes, this is where we come in.

Let us help you refresh or transform your Home or Commercial Space with a personalised one to one service, we will be there throughout the whole process helping you make the right decisions resulting in a beautiful  living or working space.

We can Interior Design and help you source all types of furniture and accessories for all types of rooms, i.e. Offices,  Sensory Rooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Adult and Children's Bedrooms, Nurseries, Bathrooms, Hallways and Sunrooms/Conservatories.

Our Online Virtual Service is ideal if you have a very busy life, this service will allow you to get a professional and personalised design service without ever having to leave your home or workplace. A perfect solution for those who want to get in a creative mood or designing neccessary office space, but lack the clear vision of where to start, that’s where we come in and help you with the ideas and plans to execute an excellent design choice from wherever you are to complimenting your ideas, lifestyle and budget. This is also a great option for clients who wish to work totally online and who are wanting to design one or many rooms or maybe starting fresh in your new home or business and have no structural changes needed. We will help you with your colour schemes, furnishings and accessories bringing it all together to create an ideal space. Ask us also about our 3d Design Service, where you can see your Space Virtually.The Online Process can be done in your own time and is ideal for those clients that are willing to get involved in their project. This very convenient process is virtual and is conducted by email or phone and all it takes is a little work by you the client to take the measurements of the space you want designed and some photos or a quick video.

Call or Email us today and we will discuss the best options for your future project, and have many ways of making your project design budget friendly and affordable. 


With as little or as much help as you may require, our personally catered packages will suit all budgets.

  • Space and Floor Plan Optimisation Space can be tricky to get just right, we can draw you up a floor plan of the area that you need help with, placing all furniture pieces in the best overall position to make the most of the space available, keeping the room flowing with complementing décor.

  • Room with Furniture Plan Layouts Making the most of your space with complementing furniture and accessories, offering you room-by-room design ideas as and when you may need them. With plenty of ideas to help you create a great makeover within your budget, we will also help you source furniture ideas or similar pieces to what has been decided on that will help you complete the design of your room.

  • Up-styling of Furniture and Accessories If you have any special pieces that you would like to keep, we can give you ideas of how to incorporate them into your new design scheme helping with the restyling colour, materials, and finishes.

  • Consultation on a Colour Scheme Giving you help with colour cards or wallpaper swatches, creating a beautiful and tasteful colour palette that will compliment your decor making the most of any natural light that is available.

  • Window Dressings Having the right curtains or blinds can really enhance the finished look of your newly decorated room. A consultation with us will help you to address your ideas, and with keeping into consideration what your budget may be. We will help with the choice of fabrics, patterns, and with the types of hanging mounts that may be needed.

  • Lighting Plans Let us help you design the lighting plan in all your rooms to create the right ambiance creating a very special space. We will help you with your decisions and source all your lighting needs from floor lamps, table lamps, and task lighting that will complement any scheme.    

  • Flooring Choices From solid wood, laminate, linoleum, tiles, carpet, or epoxy flooring making the right decision on the design, colour, and quality and whether it is suitable for low or high traffic areas. We will help you make the right choices and can help in the sourcing of the right flooring for your project.

  • Accessories Mirrors, Rugs, Throws, Cushions, Wall Art, Family Picture Gallery Design, Storage Pieces, Ornaments, and Lamps. We will source and find you the right accessories of all shapes and sizes and suit your budget that will work well within your interiors giving you that designer look.

  • Storage Solutions  Do you find you do not have enough storage or no storage at all, we can give you great solutions for your storage problems for any room in your home or office, whatever your budget maybe we will help design and tailoring it all to your needs.

  • Mood Boards For your Space helping with your choices for your design space the mood boards assist you with the selection of Colour Schemes, Fabrics, Curtains, and Accessories.

  • 3D  Design Visualisation and can include the use of Photo Realistic Imaging, see your space in real-time.

  • A  Shopping list for Online Furniture and Accessories Will be catered specifically to your requirements and budget needs, take the headache out of looking for the special pieces for your design, let us look after that for you. 


Mood Boards that we created for a client who bought a new Condo in the Caribbean, the clients had existing antique furniture and some very unusual pieces that they wanted to keep and incorporate into their Interior Design. The clients were going shopping for some more furniture pieces and accessories in Miami, USA and the mood boards assisted them in their further purchases. They found them great help, helping them in the decision of the colour schemes used and the overall style of the condo.


Domestic / Commercial

Small Front Garden
Proposed Garden
Garden Area

We can help you transform the outside areas of homes and businesses, helping you design an outdoor setting that matches both the architectural style of your building and your own personal tastes and needs. Working to keep within your budget requirement, we will enhance the curb appeal of your home or business which can greatly increase its value.

We will help you select the appropriate colours for the building and can design beautiful walkways providing style, helping you place the right type and colour of plants and trees that will not only enhance your exterior but bring a beautiful array of colour and natural beauty. We can design small goldfish ponds or other water features also focusing on your outdoor lighting, placing it in the most appropriate and efficient locations.

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